Family Advocacy Program

Each branch of Services has a Family Advocacy Program designed to prevent and treat child and spouse abuse. These programs are operated in accordance with DoD Directive 6400.1, Family Advocacy Program, and are designed to prevent child and spouse abuse, to promote early identification and intervention in cases of alleged child and spouse abuse, and provide programs of rehabilitation and treatment for child and spouse abuse problems. To the maximum extent possible, DoD cooperates with responsible civilian authorities in efforts to address the problems to which this Directive applies. Each branch of Service maintains a central registry containing data on reports of alleged child and spouse abuse.

Equal Opportunity Program

DoD Directive 1350.2, "Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program," establishes a system of discrimination complaint processing and resolution for all forms of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Under DoD policy, the chain of command is responsible for creating and maintaining an environment to ensure that human relations and equal opportunity matters are taken seriously and to correct discriminatory practices. This includes the processing and resolving of complaints of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. It also provides for the training of all military personnel on how the complaint system functions and the protection against reprisal it affords individuals making complaints.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO)

SAPRO is the organization responsible for the oversight of Department of Defense (DoD) sexual assault policy. The Department has implemented a comprehensive policy to ensure the safety, dignity and well being of all members of the Armed Forces. Our men and women serving throughout the world deserve nothing less, and their leaders -- both Military and civilian -- are committed to maintaining a workplace environment that rejects sexual assault and reinforces a culture of prevention, response and accountability.